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Well, hello there!! Thank you for being here!

Portuguese born, 46 years ago, I traveled and lived in several countries throughout my life.

The most memorable moments I have from childhood is living in Angola, Africa. 

A tropical paradise, with beautiful weather, coastal path, wild animals and amazing natural resources but also surrounded by poverty and civil war. 

I remember there was music in the streets almost every night, the local markets were abundant with rich foods, my parents would exchange items/food instead of using currency (that was a thing back then!) and believe it or not, lobster was as cheap as a pack of crips so we would have lobster pretty much every day. Needless to say, you wouldn’t see lobster in my plate for the next 2 decades (enter sick emoji)! 

I am currently living in South Wales, UK with my husband and children. Before that, I lived in France for 3 years, but my heart was in Wales. And there is a reason for that, which I will explain later. 

My holistic practice seed was planted in 2005, when I initiated my qualifications to become a holistic practitioner. This was triggered by a shift in my personal journey – the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

Although I started in body-based modalities my attention soon shifted as I grew spiritually. I then felt the calling to work on a quantum level, which I found truly transformative.

I now offer my own methods of healing which I developed throughout the years, whilst working with men and women all over the world. I offer one-to-one and group sessions.  Online and in-person.

I tend to follow no one in particular. I take what resonates with my essence and leave my mind open to every possibility, as I am aware of the complexities that our Universe is all about. 

My name is Claudia Sofia and this is my journey!

Claudia sofia Wallpaper

I stand for Truth, Compassion and Respect. 

Claudia sofia Wallpaper

I have several Certifications and I am also a non-stopping autodidact. Did I mention I don’t watch TV? Yep, I rather focus my attention on something that gives my braincells a mental firework display! 

These are some of the modalities I am qualified and studied with keen interest: 

Past Life Regression, Quantum Parallel Lives, Life Between Lives Regression Therapy, Beyond Quantum Healing, NPLP, CBT, Epigenetic Healing Cycles, Traditional Reiki (All Levels), Karuna Ki Reiki, Sekhmet Reiki, Atlantean & Lemurian Reiki, Kathara Healing, Hypnotherapy with Age Regression, Conversational Hypnotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tunning forks, Tubes and Shamanic Drums, Womb Healing, Forensic Healing, Kinesiology (Muscle Testing), Crystal Healing (All levels), Shamanism, Angelic Healing (All levels), Inner-Child Healing, Forgiveness Life Coach, Conscious Listening, Communication & Social Behavior, Life Purpose Life Coach, Somatic Experiencing based modalities, Quiromassage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Balneo Spa Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Spine Alignment, Tui-na, Emotional Mastery, Vagus Nerve (Nervous System Repair) … the list goes on.

 Bear in mind, this is what I have been up to, in terms of qualifications and personal interest, since 2005, so almost 25 years in the making. As you will notice, all modalities combined are body, mind and soul based. Some modalities I learned out of curiosity, to deepen my knowledge of what I was already practicing at the time.


You may be wondering… Claudia, where do you get the time to study all this? Well…. I don’t watch TV so that’s a start, plus for the last 6 years I haven’t got much sleep either (enter young children), so I like to spend my “spare” time, educating myself and develop my Self., , 

Claudia sofia Wallpaper

Well, my Mom for a start!! 

These are some of the people, whose wonderful work inspire me every day: Ashayana Deane, Lisa Renee, Peter Levine, Gabor Mate, Dolores Canon, Brian L.Weiss, Bruce H. Lypton, Brent Baum, Michael Newton, Barbara Ann Brennan, Dr Wayn W. Dyer, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Dr Bradley Nelson, just to name a few.

Well, that was a bit boring right? Although I sound all Miss Good Two Shoes, I am actually quite a rebel!

Here are 22 fun facts about my self:

  • I don’t resonate with hierarchal systems and have a hard time when it comes to following orders. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for cooperation and a true sense of community, which, unfortunately, doesn’t come close to what we have with the current societal standards. To be of subservience is definitely not in my nature. I am all about equality and fairness!
  • I am genuinely kind, considerate and do what I feel it’s right BUT I also take no shit!
  • I curse (a lot!). Even my husband complains… 🙈 😂 Oh, and I talk to my Self too, out loud! 
  • I love all type of music, but I have to say Heavy Metal was the one that helped me the most. It facilitated the release of my trapped emotions during my teens. It allowed the free expression of my voice and body.
  • I am a rock chick and this one has a double meaning. I used to play guitar and drums with my bestie back in Portugal and I love collecting crystals, minerals and literally…rocks!
  • I am super feminine but also a tomboy. I love racing motorbikes. I love the speed and freedom I get from riding motorcycles. My last one was a sports bike, Yamaha R1 (1000cc) but still have the Suzuki Hayabusa in my mind (1400cc).  Trinity from The Matrix was the catalyst 😎 although my passion for motorbikes has always been in my heart since I was a child (much to my mom’s despair 🤣). No one in my family ever had a motorbike. 
  • I moved countries twice, with young children, cats and dogs included. I love a good challenge.
  • My Mum is my role model.  Everything I am, I owe to this Amazing woman! She is a fighter for the greater cause. She also had, not 1 but 2 near death experiences. My Mum taught me and my siblings not to fear death.
  • I find the most random things funny, and I’m sometimes misunderstood, with my humour being taken as impolite but I’m genuinely not making fun of anything or anyone in particular. I am not the type of person that mocks others, on the contrary. My husband says I laugh at bricks…go figure!! 
  • I don’t watch regular TV, Netflix or the likes. In fact, anything that is mainstream media related, does not have my attention. I rather spend my free time, educating myself. I do occasionally like to watch a good comedy or horror movie, although this is getting less and less frequent. Regardless, I will laugh at both … Like I said, I find everything funny 🤦‍♀️ 😂 
  • I have a veeeeery curious mind. I legit question everything. That’s why I love to learn, and I am constantly studying or reading or watching videos that feed my soul and appetite for knowledge.
  • I love anything furry! Cats, dogs, rabbits, squirrels, you name it! The furrier the better. But felines… Felines it’s a whole other level of love. Feels like family 💙🦁✨ (and they are 😉)
  • People think I am extrovert, because of my bubbly personality and I do get along with everyone but in truth I can’t be around people in general for too long. I am very protective of my personal field. The reason being, I can’t cope with small talk. I enjoy the company of those whose essence resonates with mine and can spend hours talking about the intricacies of the Universe.
  • I can’t hide how I feel. You just know when I am not happy about something. I will tell you that too, in a gentle, respectful way of course.
  • I am and always be there for the underdog. Once thing that is hard for me to shift is the feeling of injustice. I am a mediator at heart and always do my best to find balance in all things.
  • Alcoholic drinks and coffee? Not a fan! (I know… Shocking!!) Unless I add 5 kgs of sugar and 3 litres of milk, I really can’t stand the coffee’s bitter taste. I love the smell of coffee though. I usually drink freshly squeezed fruit juice or fresh water (preferably mineral). Fluoride is avoided like the plague!
  • Although I grew up in a Catholic indoctrinated country, I never felt it in my heat to follow religion. I was aware of the inconsistencies in every religion from a young age and could feel its encryption.  I always respected other people’s spirituality, regardless though. I wasn’t atheist either. I acknowledged Source and Earth as crucial parts of our existence. 
  • I am not one to worship anything really. It just feels unnatural to me. (But hey, that’s me 😉)
  • I tend to work with the highest expressions of my Self and of my clients. Any type of “Gods”, Archangels and the likes it’s not really my thing and are not called in my daily routine or line of work unless they are part of a client’s multidimensional lineage.
  • I never ever trusted governments, politicians, and public institutions, schools included (and I had good grades but refused to play along with the system!) Also, not the one to follow the masses: not going to university being one of them. I don’t do well with labels /status. To me everyone is equal regardless, if you have a degree or not.
  • I treat everyone with respect and kindness regardless of age, status, sex, you name it!
  • Growing up I didn’t had much toys to play with. I still remember playing with the Yellow pages at one point, because there was nothing else to play with (I was in primary school and my grandparents took my education very seriously). I do remember having a babydoll when I was younger, which was my favourite toy back then. This child dream was short lived because the babydoll got stolen by a monkey…..yep, you read it right, a monkey! Now a full-grown ass woman, and I am playing with dolls and buying all sorts of toys with the excuse “it’s for the kids”…. but what I am really doing is consciously connecting with my Innerchild through play and coloring and I absolutely love that!
And that’s just a glimpse of me! Hope you had fun get to know me a bit better.
If you resonate with my essence, I would be delighted to share my spiritual journey with you!

Extraordinary Experiences

Throughout the years I have witness amazing transformations from those who felt drawn to my work and choose to walk beside me in my own spiritual journey.

If your essence resonates with what I have to offer, I will be most honoured to guide you and uplift you in your journey.

Together we rise!

My Line of Work

This is the foundation and structural essence of my offerings