Elemental Awakening: 5 Elements, 5 Senses, 5 Weeks

Return to Wholeness through Nature’s Invitation to Elemental Co-Creation.

Elemental Awakening

Align Your Mind, Body and Soul with the Healing Rhythms of the 5 Elements in Just 5 Weeks

Find Inner Peace and Purpose Through Nature's Ancient Wisdom

On a quest for true connection & co-creation within and outside yourself?

Elemental Awakening

Embrace the Unexplored Path to Deeper Self-Connection and Unbreakable Bonds!

We all crave a deeper connection – to ourselves, each other, and the natural wisdom around us. The stresses of modern life often pull us away from what matters most.

You don’t have to continue feeling fragmented, overwhelmed or out of sync. There is a bridge back to inner peace and purpose.

Join our circle of local women and attune to nature’s rhythms within and without. Through sacred rituals and creative expression, nourish your body, heart and spirit.

Slow down to nature’s pace. Open up to intuitive inner magic as you reconnect with the elements – earth, water, air, fire and ether.

Make self-care and personal growth a priority again. And reclaim your sense of belonging – to the community around you and the wholeness within you.

You have a unique gift to offer this world. Let’s rekindle your inner spark and help you share your light once more.

The journey begins here. Will you join us?

What to expect during these 5 transformational weeks:

  • A closer connection with nature as you immerse yourself in Earth’s elements through outdoor mindfulness practices.
  • Enhanced intuition and embodiment as you tune into subtle sensations through somatic exercises.
  • Deeper self-knowledge as you reflect on how each element lives within you through journaling.
  • Improved sleep and reduced stress as you learn rituals to find calm and regulate your nervous system.
  • More presence and joy in relationships as you cultivate compassion for yourself and others.
  • A sense of community & friendship as you bond with like-minded women over shared experiences.
  • Increased creativity and playfulness as you explore expressing yourself through the elements.
  • Personalized support and guidance from experienced facilitators invested in your growth.
  • An integrative understanding of the elements and how to harness their energies in daily life.
  • A feeling of alignment, renewal and purpose as you reconnect with your deepest self.

Nature immersion

Spend time meditating, journaling, and engaging your senses in nature to deeply connect with the elements in their pure forms

Creative exploration

Through art forms like writing, painting, music, and crafting, creatively express your journey with the elements.

Somatic practices

Learn embodied exercises like meditation & elemental breathwork, free flow dance, and intuitive movement to enhance mind-body awareness.

Integration support

Each week builds on the last for a cumulative experience. Integrate learnings through reflection, discussion, and absorbing provided resources.


Week 1 – Earth Element, Physical Body, Touch

Date: 26th August (Saturday)

  • Introduction to Earth qualities
  • Meditation and breathwork
  • Somatic practices
  • Sensory exploration
  • Creative expression

Week 2 – Water Element, Emotional Body, Taste

Date: 3rd September (Sunday)

  • Introduction to Water qualities
  • Meditation and breathwork
  • Somatic practices
  • Sensory exploration
  • Creative expression

Week 3 – Air Element, Mental Body, Smell

Date: 10th September (Sunday)

  • Introduction to Air qualities
  • Meditation and breathwork
  • Somatic practices
  • Sensory exploration
  • Creative expression

Week 4 – Fire Element, Spiritual Body, Sight

Date: 17th September (Sunday)

  • Introduction to Fire qualities
  • Meditation and breathwork
  • Somatic practices
  • Sensory exploration
  • Creative expression

Week 5 – Ether Element, Hearing, Integration

Date: 24th September (Sunday)

  • Introduction to Ether qualities
  • Meditation and breathwork
  • Somatic practices
  • Sensory exploration
  • Creative expression
  • Wrap up and review of key learnings
Elemental Awakening

Location & Times

We will gather weekly, for 5 weeks, in a cozy yurt, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, ideal to work outdoors (weather permitting).


Water Street, Ty’n Cellar Farm, Port Talbot, SA13 2PA


Course Payment Structure:

Launch Offer Price: £222

Take advantage of my special launch offer pricing and pay just £222 for the full 5-week immersive course.


  • A deposit of £50 is due upon enrollment to secure your spot.
  • The first instalment of £86 is due by August 20th.
  • The remaining £86 due by September 17th, one week prior to completion of this course.
  • Total course price paid over 3 payments: £222.


  • Pay the course in full by August 18th and get a 15% discount.
  • Just £189 for the full course!

All payments must be successfully settled by17th September in order to complete the course.

*Payment in full of £189 by the 18th of August guarantees your spot at a discounted rate.

This course includes amazing bonuses to support sustained learning and growth
Elemental Awakening

6 x Complimentary resources to Enhance Your Experience:

#1 Bonus: 5 x Elemental Journals

Beautifully designed journals providing space to process each element through daily prompts and passages.

#2 BONUS: Additional Homework

Downloadable worksheets, exercises and practices to enhance your embodiment between sessions.

#3 BONUS: Elemental Affirmations

Our set of empowering affirmations aligned with each element will facilitate deeper integration.

#4 BONUS: Online Learning Platform

Supplementary exercises, and all course resources available for download.

#5 BONUS: Elemental Commands

Powerful commands for anchoring the powerful elemental frequencies within you.

#6 BONUS: Private Facebook Access

Connect with fellow participants in our private online community. Share insights, ask questions and stay aligned.

art, paint, art supplies-7702065.jpg

A Note About Materials

This course incorporates art-based creative expression during our sessions. Participants will need to bring their own basic art supplies and materials each week, which will be used for sensory exploration and personal reflection.

Please know these do not need to be fancy or expensive supplies – I will provide a recommended materials list upon registration so you can easily acquire what’s needed. Artmaking is meant to be an intuitive, fun process during our time together!

My aim is to facilitate creative hands-on experiences with natural items and simple art media that all can enjoy. You need not have any artistic skill or experience. I encourage freedom, playfulness and discovery through self-expression.

Let me know if you have any questions about the materials needed – I am available at claudia@claudiasofia.com

I will be happy to offer guidance to help you prepare. My focus is on creative embodiment, not artistic mastery!


About Me

Hi! I'm Claudia! I am a Conscious Connection Facilitator, specialized in Emotional Body Mapping & Emotional Language Decoding.

I empower those who are Spiritually Awake to integrate all aspects of themselves, dissolve inner barriers, and create harmonious connections with themselves and others. By letting go of what no longer serves them, my clients can step into alignment with their highest potential, and by doing so, opening doors to different probabilities. 



This course is a transformative journey designed to help you connect with the five elements and awaken your senses over a period of five weeks. It blends live group integration with at-home online learning.

Once registered, you gain access to the online learning platform. The supplemental lectures with exercises, prompts and additional resources will be released on a weekly basis in alignment with the live sessions.

Sure! The course is divided into seven sections, starting with an introduction and followed by sections dedicated to each of the five elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether. The final section is dedicated to what’s next after completing the course.

Yes! Each section includes recommended homework to deepen your understanding and experience with the elements. This can include journaling exercises, affirmations, and other activities tailored to each element.

 In the “Introduction” lesson, you’ll find a list of materials needed for the in-person classes. Make sure to check that out to ensure you have everything you need for the course.


 The “What’s Next” section provides guidance on how to continue your elemental journey and suggests ways to integrate your newfound knowledge and experiences into your daily life.

The course includes 5 weekly 90 minutes in-person sessions plus about 2-3 hours per week of self-paced online learning. There is flexibility in when you complete the online portions each week.

Each week has a 90 minute in-person experiential session on Sundays from 5-6.30pm. The rest of the week’s supplementary materials and reflections are available online.

Sessions involve guided meditations, partner/group exercises, nature immersions, and hands-on creative projects related to each element.

Written lessons, integration journal prompts, supplemental resources, and a private online community forum.

You just need a device and internet access for the online portions.

Yes, you can connect with your cohort peers and your mentor through our private online community forum.

The online content provides foundation, and the in-person deepens through experience and community. Each builds on the other.

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