Energetic Body Status Report

Energetic Body Status Report

Listen Deeply, Live Truthfully


You’re about to discover how your body has been giving you all the right tools to work with…

Without feeling at the mercy of whatever setbacks life throws at you.

Without taking on more tasks or things to learn.

And without spending time on methods and solutions that don’t get to the root cause.

You will receive a thorough 30-page checkup on your current energetic status, including your physical, emotional and mental body.

All you have to do is fill up the form below and allow 2 working days to receive your intuitive 30-page Vibrational Status Report, by email.

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If you’ve ever wanted to get out of the spinning wheel and take a new direction in life, then this may be the opportunity you have been waiting for

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What would it feel like to finally have:

Even if you find difficult to “listen to your body”, and without spending time in methods that do not specially address your body’s current needs and struggles.

Claudia Sofia Unconscious Language Decoding

End the victim mindset fueled by lack of clarity around your current energetic patterns. What you experience outside is a reflection of what goes within.

This assessment delivers the insights required to resolve inner conflicts manifesting across mental, emotional, and physical layers.

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make peace with parts of your self that are falling out of reach

What if now you too can finally get to the root cause that is affecting your inner and outer world – and all you have to do is work with the information your body is giving you? Information that comes straight from source.


Inner-Conflict ….

What is it, what does it look like & how does it show up in your daily life?

An inner conflict is an internal struggle or dispute that arises from different aspects of ourselves being in opposition. It reflects a lack of harmony between our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values, desires, and deeply ingrained patterns or programming.

At its core, an inner conflict represents a “civil war” happening within our psyche due to different needs, fears, or agendas battling for attention. This creates an internal tug-of-war where we feel pulled in competing directions.

When these different aspects aren’t addressed and later on, integrated, it leads to confusion, blockages in key life areas, self-sabotage, and general disharmony outwardly manifesting in our reality.

Inner-conflict manifests in different ways ...

  • A desire for freedom clashing with a need for security/stability
  • Values around integrity conflicting with people-pleasing tendencies
  • Belief that you’re unworthy or undeserving warring with ambitious goals
  • Craving intimacy but harboring fears of abandonment
  • Logical thoughts at odds with irrational emotional patterns
  • Part of you seeking change while another part resists due to fear and finding comfort in what is familiar
Energetic Body Status Report
Claudia Sofia Unconscious Language Decoder

When different aspects remain in the shadows and aren’t dealt with properly, it leads to confusion and overwhelm in key life areas, as well as self-sabotage, and general disharmony manifesting in our reality.

What common emotions thrive when inner-conflict occurs?


When we have contradictory beliefs, desires or emotional patterns, it can leave us feeling confused about what we really want or what’s truly important to us. Indecisiveness and an unclear vision are common outcomes.


Inner conflicts breed self-doubt. We doubt our motivations, abilities, judgement and instincts when there is an internal battle raging. Doubt can prevent us from taking risks or wholeheartedly committing to decisions.


With inner conflicts can come deep-seated fears around abandonment, failure, rejection, success and more. These fears get amplified by the discord and hold us back from creation and manifestation.



Having competing interests, priorities and agendas all screaming for attention creates a depleting sense of overwhelm. We become emotionally and mentally maxed out trying to make sense of what goes between mind and feelings

Claudia Sofia Unconscious Language Decoder

Some other common outward signs include:

End the victim mindset fueled by lack of clarity around your current energetic patterns. What you experience outside is a reflection of what goes within.

Until you address the root cause of this inner conflict, these manifestations will continue disrupting your life, dominating your experiences.

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The pivotal moment in my journey came when I realized that the answers weren’t solely in the methods or techniques themselves, but rather in the profound shift within my mindset and spiritual awareness.



Energetic Body Status Report

you may have been told that you need to start listening to your body ...

and even though you tried

You feel you haven’t gone much further in your journey, and you still have questions waiting to be answered

Energetic Body Reading
Energetic Body Reading
Energetic Body Reading

This IN-DEPTH report includes

Physical Body Overview & Further Analysis

  • Core Emotions Manifesting in the Physical Body
  • Further Detail & Insights into your Emotional Landscape
  • Potential Beliefs Attached to the Mental Body
  • Deeper Analysis on Current Belief System
  • Energetic Assessment
  • Energetic Centers Currently out of Balance Analysis
  • Potential Root Issues
  • Masculine & Feminine Aspects Current Imbalance

Common Symptoms Associated with Current Nervous System State


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It’s pretty exciting, right?

So how does it work exactly?

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Energetic Body Status Report by Claudia Sofia

Your investment of $89 provides you with a good head start and profound intuitive insights to start shifting your life,

by leveraging what your body is giving you!

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Everything thing you need to know, will be provided in these pages.

You will be able to ...

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Once you click the Order button presented in this page, you will be direct to a form where you will leave your name and email address. After clicking “Submit” you will be redirected to the check-out page. 

Nope! We don’t need to connect prior in order for me to start your Report. In fact, all I need is your consent to read your biofield and your first and last name for the purpose of addressing and connecting to your Inner Self.  You don’t need to reveal any other information. 

This is a very personal and in-depth biofield and body reading. Please allow 2 working days to receive your Energetic Body Status Report.

Your Energetic Body Status Report will be delivered to the email you have provided in the Order Form.

Unfortunately, due to the nature this service, I won’t be able to offer a refund.

I offer a 3-session package that addresses all aspects of provided by this report. It’s called Unconscious Language Decoding. It consists of 2 x 60-minute one-to-one online sessions to dive deeper into your body’s own voice and provide you with mini strategies that yield tangible results. Followed by a 45-minute catch up session for further accountability and to address any difficulties you have encountered.