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United Kingdom

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Five Elements - Elevation

21st – 24th April

Gower, South Wales – UK

  • The Multidimensional Truth of the Self

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Awakened Spirits Festival

19th – 20th August

Bedfordshire – UK

  • Group Past Life Regression
  • 13th Munai Ki – Rite of the Womb
  • The Multidimensional Truth of the Self

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IN PERSON Group Immersion

Find Wholeness in Togetherness. 

13th Munai Ki - The Rite of the Womb

A lineage of women from the spirit world came through the jungle medicine to bestow us an initiation: The rite of the Womb

After receiving the Rite and nurturing its truth, the womb no longer carries the pain and sorrow. 

Elemental Awakening

5 weeks of deep Elemental Integration within a group setting. 

From 26th of August to 24th September 2023.

Elemental Awakening

Online Events

The Multidimensional Truth of the Self

5th February - 25th June

Online - Worldwide

My signature program. 5 months Mentorship.

Tapping into different timelines of consciousness combined with the latest healing modalities to gain a newfound Awareness of the Self, and finally achieve a sovereign state of BEing.

Registration is now closed.

Retreats worldwide

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