Explore your Galactic Origins

Ever wondered where do you come from? What galactic characteristics do you carry in your DNA?

Our Galactic Heritage is a complex, yet fascinating subject.

The Time Matrix is composed of 15 Dimensions / Levels of Consciousness. From Lyra to Gaia, Arcturus, Tara, Andromeda, Orion and Sirius B, to name a few, there’s certainly plenty to explore.

Our Time Matrix...

The complexity of our Universe makes the unimaginable possible. Which means, you can find your yourself coming from more that one specific planet or star system. And this is the beauty of being a light being seeded on planet Earth. We are here to evolve and return to a state of Oneness.

Our perception greatly increases when exposed to our own inner wisdom.

There is so much to us, as Multidimensional beings. The gifts, the challenges, the adventures, the lessons…all of this is crafted in a myriad of choices where free will presides.

We are Sovereign, we are free to be our Selves, fully in our power.


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Sessions are done via Zoom. You will have a recording of your session to prompt further insights and revisit as many times as you like.


First Session


  • Includes 15min initial interview. G.Origins is a 2hrs session

Further Sessions


  • If you wish to explore further...

The integrity and protection of our morphogenetic field is a top priority so each session includes the 12D Shield and further protection throughout our Sessions.


If you would like to book a Galactic Origins session, please proceed with payment. Payment is done in advance. You will be directed to my Paypal account. If you prefer pay with Cash App, just drop me a message

You can either email me or text/call me and leave me a message, so we can arrange a time that is convenient for both, to have our initial interview.

Email: claudia@claudiasofia.com

Telephone/Text or WhatsApp (for International calls): +447507357914