Past Life Regression

Exploring the past to heal the present & Create A Greater Alignment In Your Future.

Discover the meaning in present connections and feel the benefits when you dive deeper in your personal journey


You where here before…. You lived many lives, played different roles and experienced a plethora of events….some quite spectacular, others more mundane but still very much relevant to your present journey, due to the relationship dynamics you develop along the way, (aka Karma).

To know where you are heading, its important to understand where have you been and what events you experienced, for these all contribute for your personal and spiritual growth as a multidimensional being. 

the outcome of a past life regression

Is Past Life Regression right for you? Well, let me ask you…

Do you ever wonder what kind of person where you in the past? What have you experienced?

Do you find yourself drawn to a particular place or time, or even person, without any logical reason as to why? 

Exploring your past life can bring many benefits to your current lifetime.



First Session

  • Price includes 30 min initial interview. The PLR Session is 2hrs long


Further Sessions

  • If you are on a quest to find more...

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