Re-Connect with Your Self

The essence of everything I offer has the intention to bring you closer to the most organic, divine expression of your Self, in the current timeline.

Regardless of what stage you are in your awakening, my aim is to make it a comfortable ride so you can fully enjoy the real essence of BEing you within the collective.

Energetic Body Reading
Bringing Awareness back to the Self

Feeling stuck? Emotionally disconnected from your Self?
Your body holds innate wisdom and wants you to know how to use it so you can start living in alignment with your true essence.

1h Reading: 88$

30min Reading: 60$

Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing is a powerful modality that has roots in the late Dolores Canon's work: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Through BQH you can explore every aspect of your current, previous and future timelines.

2.5hrs Session: 222$

Up to 4hrs session: 333$

Past Life Regression wit Claudia Sofia
Past Life Regression

Ever so curious about why you feel so drawn to a particular place you've never been before? Or maybe it's a current event that is making you wonder if it has reminisce with your past? Whatever it is, you can retrieve the answers which are lodge in your subconscious.

2h Session: 200$

Inner Child Re-parenting
Re-Parenting your Inner Child

Be the bridge that heals past and present memories and re-connects with those beautiful expressions of your Child-Self that have been lost during your journey into adulthood. You are your Inner-Child's Future Self. Your child Self is waiting for you.

1hr Consultation: 77$

3 Sessions Package: 202$

Get to know the bigger picture

As the bifurcation of our timeline intensifies, you may feel you're being pulled in every direction. Your mind will perceive this as a lack of focus on where you are heading and in some cases, this may be portrayed as an existential crisis.

88$ per session

Explore your Potential and Spiritual Lineage

Soul Expansion Journey is a new healing concept, which I developed and combines the wisdom of yours and mine higher aspects of self, with the intent to explore the known and the unknown across different timelines.

2.5hrs Session: 333$