Claudia Sofia

The Multidimensional Truth of the self

Tapping into different timelines of consciousness combined with the latest healing modalities to gain a new found Awareness of the Self, and finally achieve a sovereign state of BEing.

5 Month Self-development mastery mentorship

We are social beings by nature and part of a greater collective but in truth, when we feel overwhelmed, we tend to isolate ourselves from everyone, including our own self, and this is due to the way we have been conditioned to live, according to the standards deemed by society, which has been carried on for centuries. Fear is a karmic imprint that runs deep in our ancestral lineage and its rooted in our own subconscious.

Most of us are awakening to a whole new reality, one that is shaking the foundations of everything we thought we were and thought we knew. 
Relationships, jobs, and even eating habits, it’s all being put to the test, leaving some of us, mentally, emotionally, and physically drained.
We are experiencing a shift in the physics of our energy. We are no longer operating on a 3rd dimensional level of awareness, so we need to learn how to work with these frequencies and manifest in this new level of consciousness.
It is important to redirect our focus within, to become fully aware of what is really going on, innerstand the potentiality we hold as multidimensional beings and the responsibilities that come with it, so we can make conscious, informed decisions that are aligned with our own path, rather than allowing ourselves to be externally guided by intermediaries, which brings benefit to no one, but to those who are willing to go to great extent to manipulate and bend the laws of free will.
Learning to discern energetically what is truly serving you a higher purpose and what is keeping you in a karmic loop, is a priority at the moment.
To learn how to truly connect with your bodies (physical, mental, emotional spiritual) and learn its language.
To move from the freeze / fight / flight or fawn response, we can put into practice simple daily tasks which will help you connect with your Self,  and your surroundings, and make use of all your senses to build your emotional capacity, intuition, and proper discernment so you can feel safe and confident to BE YOU regardless of the circumstances.
Another important learning milestone is to look at the cyclic patterns, negative & positive residues, and karmic imprints and be able to discern what is truly serving the purpose to help you move forward in your journey, and what has been taken from others throughout your life in this particular timeline and believed to be yours, which is causing havoc and dis-harmony in your emotional and physical body.
These imprints result in fragmentation of the Self, parts of you that are lodged in lower frequency bandwidths due to particular feelings attached to it.
Your body is talking. Question is … are you listening?

program structure

MODULE 1 – Who Am I?

MODULE 2 – The Big Picture

MODULE 3 – I Am Safe

MODULE 4 – Reparenting your Inner-Child MASTERCLASS

MODULE 5 – I Am Powerful

MODULE 6 – I Am Worthy

MODULE 7 – Healthy Boundaries MASTERCLASS

MODULE 8 – I Am Love


MODULE 10 – I Am Sovereign

MODULE 11 – Psychic Protection MASTERCLASS

MODULE 12 – I Am…

Program schedule

Our online group mentorship will go live on the 5th February 2023 (Sunday, 7pm GMT / UK time).

Here is the Modules Schedule:

MODULE 1: 5th February 2023 – 7pm GMT/UK time

MODULE 2: 12th February 2023 – 7pm GMT/UK time

MODULE 3: 19th February 2023 – 7pm GMT/UK time

MODULE 4:  5th March 2023 – 7pm GMT/UK time

MODULE 5: 19th March 2023 – 7pm GMT/UK time

MODULE 6: 2nd April 2023 – 7pm GMT/UK time

MODULE 7: 16th April 2023 – 7pm GMT/UK time

MODULE 8: 30th April 2023 – 7pm GMT/UK time

MODULE 9: 14th May 2023 – 7pm GMT/UK time

MODULE 10: 28th May 2023 – 7pm GMT/UK time

MODULE 11: 11th June 2023 – 7pm GMT/UK time

MODULE 12: 25th June 2023 – 7pm GMT/UK time




All group sessions will be held live on Zoom. A replay will be available for those who can’t make it to the live session.

Link for each Zoom group session will be sent to your email. Sessions will be held every other week.


You will have access to the Private Group once you register and payment is confirmed (either first instalment or paid in full).

By the end of this Mentorship you will:

  • Be able to confidently discern what is part of your energy field and what is not
  • Become more in tune with your Self 
  • Have more compassion towards yourself and those who harmed you in the past
  •  Work with crystals in a grid setting, to improve your overall wellbeing, add protection, increase intuition, connect with sacred lands, work with the elements, and much more.
  • Benefit from the medicine each of the 5 elements has to offer
  • Have a better understanding of what this spiritual awakening is all about
  • Feel more aligned with your soul path
  • Learn somatic strategies that will put to ease your nervous system, and bring it to optimal levels
  • Reclaim parts of you that have been forgotten through breathwork and emotional touch
  • Benefit from bespoke guided meditations either to connect with your InnerChild, or to find who your Soul Council is (Starseed family).



standard price


Early Bird

  • If paid by 31st of December 2022


Pay in 5 instalments

  • If you prefer to spread the cost

Meet your mentor

Portuguese born, 46 years ago, I traveled and lived in several countries throughout my life. Most memorable moments I have from childhood is when I spent a few years in Angola, Africa. Beautiful people, amazing country, unforgettable memories.

I am currently living in South Wales, UK with my husband and children. 

My holistic adventure started back in 2005, when I initiated my qualifications to become a holistic practitioner. This was triggered by a shift in my personal journey – the beginning of many spiritual awakenings.

Feeling the pull to know more, and connect the dots, I haven’t stopped evolving ever since. Although I started in body-based modalities like Quiromassage, Lymphatic Drainage, Tui-na, Aromatherapy, etc my attention soon shifted as I grew spiritually. I then felt the calling to work on a quantum level, which I found truly mind blowing (pun intended)! With that, came several middle-of-the-night activations and contact with High-Dimensional beings. My Clairs started to rapidly develop too. All of a sudden I started to feel my family, friends and client’s energetic blockages. I know where they are located and what type of frequency is behind it.

Beyond Quantum Healing, Ancient Healings Arts (Egyptian, Lemurian), Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy with Age Regression, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, Parallel Lives, and Epigenetic Healing Cycles, all combined with the latest techniques in Somatic approach, connecting mind, body and spirit, are some of the modalities I truly love to work with and apply on a daily basis.

Oh and I love to explore and expand our consciousness! 

Thousands of hours of self-study and quite a few certifications later, I can now offer my own healing methods which I developed throughout the years, whilst working with men and women all over the world.

I also offer one-to-one and group spiritual ascension mentorship. Online and in-person.

These are some of the people, whose wonderful work inspire me everyday: Ashayana Deane,  Lisa Renee, Peter Levine, Gabor Mate, Dolores Canon, Brian L.Weiss, Bruce H. Lypton, Brent Baum, Michael Newton, Barbara Ann Brennan, Dr Wayn W. Dyer, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Dr Bradley Nelson, just to name a few.

My Gifts to the Collective

I have experienced a few spiritual encounters in the past and my spiritual gifts have been evolving from all the experiences I lived so far. In 2018 I started to receive powerful and unexpected downloads from my galactic team.

From these downloads, I started to develop newfound gifts to better serve humanity. These gifts are constantly evolving the more I surrender.

I am able to tune into one’s energetic and emotional body and provide information on which deep emotional core wounds are currently manifesting in the body and where are they located. This can be something you are aware of but not able to shift or could be that you are completely unaware of.

Trapped energy can cause havoc by keeping certain parts of the self fragmented and operating in a lower frequency bandwith, hence why it’s so difficult to reach certain parts of the Self. There is a sense of dis-harmony in the body / mind / soul.

From there we will work with the wisdom of your own body, on a subconscious level. This also involves working with the Highest expressions of your Self and your spiritual team, which is part of your vertical lineage, to  provide further guidance on what can be done to re-establish optimal levels energetically, physically, emotionally, bringing you peace of mind, strength and clarity so you can continue your journey in alignment with the most benevolent of timelines available to you. 

You will feel more empowered than ever. Ready to live life on your terms, as the Sovereign being you are.

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