Your Physical Expression Holds Hidden Messages

Let Them Be Known!

The wisdom of the physical body opens the potential of the emotional state of consciousness in oneself, which will shift your whole experience not only in the present, but also in past & future timelines.

Harmonize Fragmented Parts of your Self

Experience how living authentically, speaking confidently, and establishing conscious boundaries become natural extensions of a harmonized self.
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Claudia Sofia Unconscious Language Decoder

Have you ever wondered if the chaos you experience in your daily life is a reflection of your own disconnection with your Self?

You could be experiencing the effects of trapped energetic imprints operating below your conscious level of awareness.

Claudia Sofia

Unfortunately, we are not taught to see ourselves as WHOLE.

Mind, body & soul are dealt like 3 separate entities.

This is how further fragmentation occurs.

You may experience profound spiritual enlightened moments but are unable to actualize this transformation into tangible life balanced results.

Your Biggest Struggle?

Strong Emotional Response

Unhealed emotional triggers lead to frequent conflict and miscommunication in close relationships. For example, a minor disagreement with your partner spiraling due to an overreaction tied to past betrayal wounds.

Weak Assertiveness

Feeling internally fragmented makes it challenging to assert needs and boundaries at work. You may often feel walked over or unable to speak up confidently in meetings.

Lack of Clarity

The sense of internal disconnect makes it harder to trust your intuition. Receiving psychic downloads feels confusing without a grounded center and ability to discern what resonates.

Stuck in a rut

Trying to elevate into higher frequencies through spiritual practice while carrying unresolved lower frequency wounds leads to a repeating cycle of energetic crashes as a result.

The good news is …. once you become aware of what is really going on a subconscious level, things start to shift.

Claudia Sofia Unconscious Language Decoder

Giving voice to your UNCONSCIOUS LANGUAGE can bring stability in your life whilst being guided towards a higher purpose.

You will feel what it’s like to finally work in unison with your body (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), instinctually leading a life that is being paved under your own divine guidance.


Aka return to your Sovereign Self!

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You have what it takes!

Claudia Sofia Unconscious Language Decoding

Join me in powerful a journey that honors the voice that has been calling for you!

Unconscious Language Decoding

You will be invited to meet every sensation, thought & emotion with open curiosity instead of judgment & overwhelm.

It’s easy to view your body as just a physical construct, operating automatically without a deeper meaning. But have you ever considered…  

What if every cell, every molecule within you has its own unique consciousness and inner voice? This idea can seem overwhelming at first. 

How can you possibly tune into such subtle levels of inner communication? 

The truth is you already have all that you need, within you. It’s simply a matter of fine-tuning your awareness.

When you learn to attune yourself to the unified consciousness of your entire bodily system, you open up to an incredible source of endless knowledge. 

Your body has been speaking all along, ready to offer its guidance, insights and intuitive knowledge. But only when you dedicate time to listen, can its voice rise above the internal noise.,


Claudia Sofia Unconscious Language Decoder

The beautiful journey of embodiment begins by turning your attention inwards, calming your mind and honoring the alive, conscious presence within.

There resides endless guidance and untapped potential, waiting to be discovered once more. 

Within every sensation, thought, and emotion, your body shares profound insights. But this inner speech often conceals its wisdom from conscious awareness—encoded in elaborate layers out of reach of the conscious mind.

Through UNCONSCIOUS LANGUAGE DECODING you will become familiar with this personal language, that is longing to serve you. Parts of self that once have been denied, can finally reveal their vital lessons.

My somatic listening provides the translation key, laying bare your limitless potentials waiting to be integrated.

What intuitive senses and inner allies will you meet, when you choose to listen?

Claudia Sofia Unconscious Language Decoder



Unconscious Language Decoding Mockup

Lean inward to receive the guidance stirring within & feel the incredible potential awakening, when you dare to listen.Your symptoms become teachers, your limitations gateways

Unconscious Language Decoding Mockup

Unconscious Language Decoding

Complete Protocol
$ 389
  • 2 x One to one 60-minute sessions
  • 1 x 45-minutes follow up session
  • Personalised micro-actionable steps for tangible results

What do you get:

This is a collaborative process – whilst my sensory skills will help pinpoint what requires your immediate attention and decode your body’s language, it will be your commitment and insights that will help interpret the layered stories and distortions encoded within these miasmas.

Session #1


60-minute session aimed to assess and identify aspects within the physical body and psyche that feel incongruent, disjointed or unfulfilled.

Session #2


60-minute session to address and work with those parts to facilitate self-awareness, integration and alignment through a customized therapeutic approach.

session #3


45-minute follow-up to refine integration approach, explore any obstacles faced, provide support, answer questions, sustain progress and set intentions for ongoing growth.


I.N.S.I.G.H.T. Method is a framework which I developed, that provides a step-by-step process for a gentle yet effective way to identify deep unconscious behaviors and resolve inner conflicts in order to shift the current reality, access different probabilities and create positive outcomes. 

This method addresses the following:

Claudia Sofia Unconscious Language Decoder

Plus, you will keep valuable tools that will leave a positive impact in your journey.

  • Identifying your emotional activity and patterns
  • Objective assessment framework for responses
  • Reframing reactions with empowerment
  • Practices for genuine presence and empathy
  • Customized communication and self-care rituals
  • Utilizing emotions as assets not obstacles
  • Confidence in self-directed emotional agility

The Role of the Emotional Body in Your Spiritual Journey

The journey of ascension can feel intensely personal and perplexing as it alters both inner and outer worlds. Understanding the crucial role of emotional health provides a key to moving skillfully through this activation cycle.

As external frequencies increase to reshape reality itself, we must elevate internal coherence through dedicated emotional body work.

The lower chakras anchor expanding light within our human form. Without properly owning and leverage emotional blockages, one may accrete an onslaught of discordant data. Disconnected mental loops prevail until the distortion is compassionately dissolved. Being able to accrete enough frequency is what drives the ascension process. 

We want to be able to function in coherence with all that we are, so we can work in unison with the tools we are being provided with.

Some of the practices used for processing suppressed trauma and energy include somatic techniques, conscious daily routine, primal expression, and intuitive guided journey to access the subconscious. By directly facing programmed limitations with laser focused attention and deeper innerstanding, we dismantle rigidity lodged within mental, emotional, and physical forms.

With openness and authentic self-work, we can truly become both vessels and vehicles of this revolutionary ascension in progress.

This process allows us to compassionately address difficult emotions, so you can integrate this newfound awareness into every aspect of your life, allowing you to co-create a life that feels fulfilling and in alignment with the unique expression that you are.

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Reframe reactions with empowerment Utilizing

Energetic Body Status Report

Clarity Assessment
$ 89
  • In-depth PDF report of your current physical, emotional, mental and spiritual status
  • Suitable for those who seek change but don't know where to start
  • Quickest and easiest way to know what needs immediate attention

30 Minutes Session

You will receive a brief description of any imbalances that are manifesting in your body, that require your immediate attention and what can be done to restore and balance your energetic body. These may or may not be, connected to your core emotional wound.

Whether you are busy bunny or not, you will get what you need from this Session.


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You will be directed to my schedule app, to select the date that is more convenient for you. You will then be asked to pay for your sessions and once payment is confirmed, you will receive your personal Zoom link. All of this is automated and done through the scheduling software.

Whether you live in UK, USA, Canada or Europe, all Unconscious Language Decoding sessions are done online, via Zoom. 

Just have a bottle of water at hand and come with an open mind. After our first session you will be given a few simple exercises to incorporate in your daily routine, which will greatly enhance your future sessions. 

For these particular sessions, no refund is given due to the nature of these sessions, which are highly personalized. However, if after the first session you feel this is not for you, a partial refund of 40% can be granted. No refund will be issued after the 2nd and 3rd session.

We always encourage to reschedule within a reasonable time. Cancelations 24hrs before the booked session will incur a 50% fee.

Please Note: If you encounter any trouble accessing pages, completing payments etc, just drop me a quick email: