Unconscious Language Decoding

Giving voice to your emotions to bring stability in your life whilst being guided towards a higher purpose

The wisdom of the physical body opens the potential of the emotional state of consciousness in oneself, which will shift your whole experience not only in the present, but also in past & future timelines.

You will feel more in control of your body as a whole (physical, emotional, mental) whilst instinctually leading a life that is being paved under your own divine guidance.

aka return to your sovereign self

You (literaly)

Have What It Takes

Through Unconscious Language Decoding, I will guide you in bringing awareness to energetic imbalances manifesting in your body. This process allows us to compassionately address difficult emotions, so you can integrate this newfound awareness into every aspect of your life, allowing you to co-create a life that feels fulfilling and in alignment with your core values.

Cool! But what does that mean, Claudia?

Where do i even start?

Claudia Sofia - Unconscious Language Decoding

It’s easy to view your body as just a physical construct, operating automatically without deeper meaning. But what if … every cell, every molecule within you has its own unique consciousness and inner voice?

This idea can seem overwhelming at first. How can you possibly tune into such subtle levels of inner communication? The truth is, you already have all that you need within you. It’s simply a matter of fine-tuning your awareness.

When you learn to attune yourself to the unified consciousness of your entire bodily system, you open up to incredible self-wisdom. Your body has been speaking all along, ready to offer its guidance, insights and intuitive knowledge. But only when you dedicate time to listen, can its voice rise above the internal noise.

The beautiful journey of embodiment begins by turning your attention inwards, calming your mind and honoring the alive, conscious presence within. There resides endless guidance and untapped potential, waiting to be discovered once more. What intuitive senses and inner allies will you meet, when you choose to listen?

Unfortunately, we are not taught to see ourselves as


Mind, body and soul are dealt like 3 separate entities, and this is how further fragmentation occurs.

An effective way to connect with your body is to understand the wisdom behind every nudge, every feeling, that we usually perceive as good or bad.

Now this perception, can have connotations of outside sources, ones we learned throughout our life.

Tapping into the wisdom of your body, not just in the form of thought but in the form of sensations, will provide you with a whole lot of information you weren’t aware of.

Information that will trigger in you a healing response, because these are the parts that were waiting this long to be heard and ultimately, co-create with you! You hold tremendous, untapped potential within you!

My approach is quite simple yet powerful enough to shift your current state of awareness across time and space. If you wish to know more about my story and qualifications, click here

So, if you are wondering why you are experiencing constant peaks of great highs and terribly debilitating lows, this is one of the reasons why.

Through my Unconscious Language Decoding method, you will gain insight of how your body is revealing its consciousness through blockages in your internal energetic currents, which sometimes manifests as emotional triggers/outbursts and can later become a source of fragmented lower frequency energy, creating dis-ease, disconnection from the Self and extensive imbalances, if not acknowledged and worked with properly.

The Role Of The Emotional Body In Your


Although seemingly non-related, it’s actually a big deal!

So, what does the Emotional Body, the Lower Chakras and Ascension have in common? Everything!

The Emotional Body is connected to the Water element and our Sacral Chakra, which is a gate to the 2nd Dimension, Inner Earth and the Elementals.

(If you wish to dive deep on this, I suggest looking into my Multidimensional Truth of the Self Group Mentorship, in this page)

If you are familiar with the terms Spiritual Awakening, and Ascension, which I am hopping you are, you know that what we are currently experiencing is a full-scale operation to get us out of 3D constrains… Okay, I went a bit overboard here…. What I mean is, we are at crossroads between Harmonic Universes HU1 (Dimensions 1, 2, and 3), and HU2 (Dimensions 4, 5 and 6), which implies a higher resonance frequency heading our way, which is actually part of the process, afterall, our bodies are changing its morphogenetic structure, hence why eating habits are changing significantly.

Our lower Chakras role in this case, is to anchor higher frequency. If this channel is not clear, we will not be able to properly accrete these incoming frequencies. It will come up in our field as fragments of something our mind and emotions will spend ages trying to puzzle it up…. along with the other stuff that is going on in our personal lives. This is not what we want or need at this crucial time!

We want to be able to function in coherence with all that we are, so we can work in unison with the tools we are being provided with.

Being able to accrete enough frequency is what drives the ascension process. 

Makes sense, BUT How can you help me?

Let me tell you a story… my story!

My spiritual gifts came in increments along with my spiritual awakening and have been evolving from all the experiences I lived so far. Some of these experiences have been pretty spectacular and surreal, I may add!

I’ve been helping folks from all walks of life, since I can remember. Due to my empathic nature and emotional maturity (also up to debate!), people would come to me with their issues, because somehow, they trusted me, although I barely knew most of these people… some were complete strangers! Regardless, I was always there for everyone, because I can see their true essence and I can relate with their issues, which usually leaves me heartbroken because I can literally see their potential and at the same time, feel how powerless they feel.

Now, I came from a corporate background, (I had to … life in Portugal was tough!), so you can imagine my journey! (More on that, on my About page!) Anyhoo, I left the corporate world to pursue my passion of assisting others in their own epic journeys. I have been officially doing My Thing since 2005, firstly as a sidekick but as time went on, I grew more and more distant from societal concepts and standards to the point I quit my full-time job altogether. I had a big role back then, well paid, but I just couldn’t give my soul to it. My days of belonging to this society were done and dusted. I am done with formal talk, as you are aware by now!

2018 is a year I like to pinpoint, as shortly after I received my Reiki Master’s, I started to receive powerful and unexpected downloads from my galactic heritage. This was occurring mid-sleep and the frequency was so powerful, it would take me from dream state to reality pretty darn quick! I could sense and hear their messages and soon I could see clearly as day, even though my eyes were shut.    

From these downloads, I develop my empathic skills even further, taking it to a new and powerful supersensory level, which was unlocked during my mid-sleep downloads. I took this as a sign to better serve humanity. 

I am now able to tune into one’s energetic and emotional body and provide information on which deep emotional wound is currently manifesting in the body, where is located and be the voice for that part of consciousness, to bring togetherness and closure to a chapter in your life (past, parallel or present).

I am eager to help those who are ready to face their fears, their anger, their sadness and co-create towards something meaningful, in alignment with their vision. goals and ultimate desires. Something tangible and in harmony with OneSelf.

Claudia Sofia

Sounds interesting! How does it work? What can I expect?

Trapped energy can cause havoc by keeping certain parts of the self, fragmented and operating in a lower frequency bandwidth, hence why it’s so difficult to reach certain parts of the Self and create the transformation we desperately seek.

There is a sense of dis-harmony and disconnection between the body / mind / soul.

This is where my gifts have been most helpful. Over the years I intuitively developed supersensory perception. I am able to pinpoint and track your energy shifts / triggers and blockages even if we are thousands of miles apart.

Now if you are curious or worried about what happens during the session, rest assure. We will work together as a team, to get to the bottom of it.

This is not a done for you service.  It requires both of us working towards a specific goal and your input will be imperative throughout our session, as this is all about communicating with certain part of your Self, for the purposes of co-creation, integration and balance of frequencies. 

What manifests currently within you, can be something you are aware of but not able to shift or could be that you are completely unaware of. I am the facilitator in this case.

We will work with the wisdom of your own body, on a subconscious level. Fear not! I am a skilled Hypnotherapist.

This also involves working with the Highest expressions of your Self and your spiritual team may pop in too, which is part of your vertical lineage, to provide further guidance on what can be done to re-establish optimal levels energetically, physically, emotionally, bringing you peace of mind, strength and clarity so you can continue your journey in alignment with the most benevolent of timelines available to you. 

A minimum of 3 sessions is required if you wish to reach the root of the problem, but you can still shift a lot with just 1 session.

I call it Emotional Body Intelligence, and this is how it can help you!

If you have been yearning to break free from repetitive self-defeating and debilitating cycles... this is it! You truly have what it takes!


Wether you are a skilled healer in need of an extra hand to shift past stubborn blockages,

you are at the start of your healing journey, and everything else in between, there’s an option to suit your specific needs.

Quick Response / Initial Energy Assessment

30 Minutes Session

You will receive a brief description of any imbalances that are manifesting in your body, that require your immediate attention and what can be done to restore and balance your energetic body. These may or may not be, connected to your core emotional wound.

Whether you are busy bunny or not, you will get what you need from this Session.


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50 MINUTES session

A more thorough approach, where I will go into detail of what exactly is manifesting in your body, where is located, what is connected to and what messages are coming through from your emotional energetic field.


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Session Bundle Package

Core Emotion Bodywork

3 x 50 minute Sessions

Minimum number of sessions recommended if you wish to focus on one particular emotion you want to work with. My methods are adjusted according to your requirements.

We’ll work on unwrapping what’s keeping you emotionally distressed, to reach the core issue.

Track. Identify. Acknowledge. Balance


By clicking the button you will be directed to Paypal so you can proceed with your booking.

Payment method & conditions

Payment in advance is required. 

PAYPAL is the payment method I currently work with, but if you prefer CASH APP, just drop me a text or email and I will provide you the relevant details so you can finalize your purchase. You will find my contact details bellow.

If you pay through PAYPAL, please leave your email address and what you are paying for, on the Notes.

All sessions are done remotely

We can connect through StreamYard, WhatsApp, Messenger or Signal. 

However, if you wish to have a recording of your session, I highly recommend StreamYard platform. Please do let me know if you wish to have your session recorded.

For StreamYard:

The link will be sent to your email after payment is confirmed and date/time is agreed.

For Signal and Messenger:

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how to book a date

I will reach out to you as soon as I receive the Paypal payment notification, so we can set up a date and time that is convenient for both. 

If you forgot to leave your email address on the Notes, when paying for your session, you can reach out to me through the following methods:

Email: Claudia@claudiasofia.com

WhatsApp: +447507357914

Please note: I am the one keeping this website running and by all means, I am not tech savvy, so if you encounter any trouble accessing pages, completing payments etc, just drop me a quick email: claudia@claudiasofia.com