Question is... are you listening?

Are you Spiritually Awake and eager to explore and expand your consciousness?

Would you like to know more about your galactic heritage and connect the dots regarding your role and journey in this crucial Ascension timeline?

Or perhaps you feel stuck in patterns or emotional triggers that are crippling your ability to enjoy your life to the fullest?

Not being able to discern what is coming from within or tap into your limitless resources, can lead to making decisions that are not fully aligned with your true essence.

This suggests a dis-connection from the Self.

I offer several wholistic modalities that compliment both spiritual & personal growth and much needed healing.

"Awareness and discernment are crucial to our personal growth and our evolution as multidimensional beings"
- Claudia Sofia

The roadmap to

& Support

If you are looking to experience long lasting results and significant changes in your life, then a 1 to 1 will give you just that!

Claudia Sofia Heal

Feeling stuck inside an emotional rollercoaster and don’t know what to do or how to start clearing unwanted patterns? No worries! We will work with what your body is giving you, so we can elevate you to where you want to be!

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Explore the many avenues towards healing through regression or progression therapies. Discover how the past and future are influencing your current life.

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This is a program that is personally aimed towards your goals and ultimately, release you from all the constrains that are keeping you stuck in a loop.

with your partner & your tribe

Group Sessions are rewarding in so many levels. Not just for accountability but we learn so much from other’s experiences and personal insights from one’s journey!

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PAST life regression - couples

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Galactic Explorers Community

Claudia Sofia is a whole-istic therapist, working on a cosmic level.

Highly intuitive, Claudia uses her projected awareness to be the voice of her client’s emotional body. She works with the consciousness that is manifesting as an imbalance, to restore peace within her client’s template (aka, dissolve karmic ties, utilize cellular memory imprints, clear ancestral debris).

She is also a keen truth seeker and loves to explore and expand the consciousness within our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix, through trance and other highly skilled methods of hypnosis (Parallel Quantum Lives, Life between Lives, Beyond Quantum Healing).

MEOW? 100%


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The Multidimensional Truth of the Self

This is a 5 month, online mentorship program, comprised of 12 modules. Each module includes easy to implement consciousness rituals, inner reflection written exercises, breathwork, Innerchild and Soul Council journey and much more. Connecting all senses, engaging your creative flow and your body in a truly somatic and emotional experience to release all that is not in alignment with your core essence and re-connect with all that you really are.

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Krystal Grids for Daily Living

Online, live interactive event. 3h Workshop with Certificate of Participation. Crystals... we all love them and collect them obsessively but how amazing it would be, if you could create a deeper connection with these beautiful specimens and work together to enhance your spiritual journey? From enhancing your energetic field and incorporating spiritual hygiene to your daily routine, to connecting with sacred lands. Give your shiny companions a greater purpose.

Explore the truth of who you are

Where do I come from?  What is my purpose here on Earth?

Who is my galactic team?  How can I reach out to my Future Self?

The best way to get accurate and trustworthy answers is to bypass your busy mind (aka Ego Personality) and access higher expressions of your self through Hypnosis.

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a relatively new modality that has its roots in the late Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

Want to know a few fun facts

About my

I have a spontaneous sense of humour, love anything furry and have a passion for racing motorbikes (I owned quite a few!)


I will be hosting workshops, talks, group work, and one-to-one services at:


 “Beltane & Yule Fair”

May 2022 (Exeter, UK)

“Spiritual Realms Festival”

August 2022 (Bedfordshire, UK)

Anthropos Festival” September 2022  (Hertfordshire, UK)

“Winter Solstice Retreat”

December 2022 (Bedfordshire, UK)


“13th Munai-Ki – Rite of the Womb”

January 2023 (Eveshaw, UK)

“Five Elements Elevation”

April 2023 (Gower – South Wales, UK)

“Awakened Spirit Festival”

August 2023 (Bedfordshire, UK)

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keep up to date with what I am doing, where to find me next and all epic goodies I have in store to support you!